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Everything Is Distributed

by Courtney Nash, Mike Loukides

Everything Is Distributed

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Book Description

Software development has reached a point where no single developer can understand, see, or control all the component parts, whether it's technical or organizational. The Web is now the computer and it's forced even the simplest applications to become distributed.

Through five thought provoking essays, you'll discover the whys and hows of this new frontier and learn what it means for developers, operations engineers, project managers, and others connected to the business of software.

The essays include: Everything Is Distributed: What happens when part of the system you don't control fails? Beyond the Stack: DevOps is not just about the tools, but the tools in the new Distributed Developers Stack play a vital role; Revisiting DevOps: What's the difference between top-down management and promise theory? Performance Is User Experience: Discover why a fast website is more than just a technology challenge; From the Network Interface to the Database: Learn how O'Reilly's Velocity conference has expanded its scope.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Everything Is Distributed ebook for free in PDF format (4.7 MB).

Table of Contents

Everything Is Distributed
Beyond the Stack
Revisiting DevOps
Performance Is User Experience
From the Network Interface to the Database

Book Details

Everything Is Distributed
Computer Science
O'Reilly Media
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
4.7 MB

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