From Family to Philosophy

Letter-Writers from the Pastons to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

by Henry Summerfield

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Book Description

A cultural change in the Renaissance freed talented European writers to compose letters rivalling the finest that survived from ancient Rome. This book traces the lives and outlooks of distinguished Britons as revealed in their correspondence. The subjects range from the fierce satirist Jonathan Swift to the long-lived, all-observing Horace Walpole and from the poet and freedom fighter Lord Byron to the tormented but brilliant Jane Carlyle. Accompanying the self-portraits these writers unwittingly create are their many sketches of their contemporaries. Moreover, the views they express on forms of government, feminism, literature, theology, religious toleration, and other topics serve to relate their lives to the progression from the Age of Reason through the Romantic period to the Victorian era.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download From Family to Philosophy ebook for free in PDF format (8.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Cicero and Pliny the Younger
Chapter 2
The Pastons
Chapter 3
The Lisles
Chapter 4
Sir Thomas More
Chapter 5
Roger Ascham
Chapter 6
John Chamberlain
Chapter 7
Sir Henry Wotton
Chapter 8
John Donne
Chapter 9
James Howell
Chapter 10
Sir Thomas Browne
Chapter 11
Dorothy Osborne
Chapter 12
The Self and the Modern World
Chapter 13
Jonathan Swift
Chapter 14
Alexander Pope
Chapter 15
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Chapter 16
John Byrom
Chapter 17
Lord Chesterfield
Chapter 18
Samuel Johnson
Chapter 19
Laurence Sterne
Chapter 20
Thomas Gray
Chapter 21
Horace Walpole
Chapter 22
Ignatius Sancho
Chapter 23
William Cowper
Chapter 24
Eliza Fay
Chapter 25
Robert Burns
Chapter 26
Sydney Smith
Chapter 27
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Chapter 28
Mary Russell Mitford
Chapter 29
Lord Byron
Chapter 30
John Keats
Chapter 31
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Chapter 32
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Chapter 33
What a Literature is Here!

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