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The Svelte Handbook

by Flavio Copes

The Svelte Handbook

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Book Description

Svelte is an exciting Web framework that offers a fresh new take on how to build Web applications.

If you are already experienced in React, Vue, Angular or other frontend frameworks you might be pleasantly surprised by Svelte.

My first impression with Svelte was that it all feels so much more like plain JavaScript than working with other frameworks. Sure, you have some rules and there are templates that are not 100% JavaScript (they look more like HTML) but most of the things that are complicated with other frameworks are very simple and lightweight with Svelte.

And my first impression has been confirmed by further usage of the framework and its ecosystem of tools.

Compared to React, Vue, Angular and other frameworks, an app built using Svelte is compiled beforehand so you don't have to serve the whole framework to every one of your site visitors. As a result, the fruition of the experience is smoother, consumes less bandwidth, and everything feels faster and more lightweight.

At deployment, Svelte disappears and all you get is plain (and fast!) JavaScript.

This open book is licensed under a Open Publication License (OPL). You can download The Svelte Handbook ebook for free in PDF format (0.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Introduction to Svelte
Section 2
Svelte Components
Section 3
Handling State in Svelte
Section 4
Svelte Reactivity
Section 5
Svelte Props
Section 6
Cross-component State Management in Svelte
Section 7
Section 8
Svelte Lifecycle events
Section 9
Svelte Bindings
Section 10
Conditional Logic in Templates
Section 11
Looping in Svelte Templates
Section 12
Promises in Svelte Templates
Section 13
Working with Events in Svelte
Section 14
Where Do We Go From Here

Book Details

The Svelte Handbook
Computer Science
PDF Size
0.8 MB
Open Publication License

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