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Arab Media Systems

by Carola Richter, Claudia Kozman

Arab Media Systems

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Book Description

This open volume provides a comparative analysis of media systems in the Arab world, based on criteria informed by the historical, political, social, and economic factors influencing a country's media. Reaching beyond classical western media system typologies, Arab Media Systems brings together contributions from experts in the field of media in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to provide valuable insights into the heterogeneity of this region's media systems. It focuses on trends in government stances towards media, media ownership models, technological innovation, and the role of transnational mobility in shaping media structure and practices.

Each chapter in the volume traces a specific country's media - from Lebanon to Morocco - and assesses its media system in terms of historical roots, political and legal frameworks, media economy and ownership patterns, technology and infrastructure, and social factors (including diversity and equality in gender, age, ethnicities, religions, and languages).

This book is a welcome contribution to the field of media studies, constituting the only edited collection in recent years to provide a comprehensive and systematic overview of Arab media systems. As such, it will be of great use to students and scholars in media, journalism and communication studies, as well as political scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists with an interest in the MENA region.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Arab Media Systems ebook for free in PDF format (35.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Lebanon: A Faltering Mesh of Political and Commercial Interests
Chapter 2
Syria: A Fragmented Media System
Chapter 3
Palestine: Resilient Media Practices for National Liberation
Chapter 4
Jordan: Media's Sustainability during Hard Times
Chapter 5
Iraq: Media between Democratic Freedom and Security Pressures
Chapter 6
Saudi Arabia: From National Media to Global Player
Chapter 7
United Arab Emirates: Media for Sustainable Development
Chapter 8
Qatar: A Small Country with a Global Outlook
Chapter 9
Bahrain: Media-Assisted Authoritarianism
Chapter 10
Kuwait: From "Hollywood of the Gulf" to Social Media Diwaniyas
Chapter 11
Oman: Time for Fundamental Changes
Chapter 12
Yemen: Unsettled Media for an Unsettled Country
Chapter 13
Egypt: A Divided and Restricted Media Landscape after the Transformation
Chapter 14
Sudan: Media under the Military - Democratic Pendulum
Chapter 15
Libya: From Jamahirization to Post-Revolutionary Chaos
Chapter 16
Tunisia: The Transformative Media Landscape after the Revolution
Chapter 17
Algeria: The Costs of Clientelism
Chapter 18
Morocco: Competitive Authoritarianism in Media Reforms

Book Details

Arab Media Systems
Sociology and Social Sciences
Open Book Publishers
ISBN13 Digital
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35.8 MB

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