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HackSpace Magazine: Issue 59

October 2022

by HackSpace Team

HackSpace Magazine: Issue 59

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Book Description

You might think that the next big leap in 3D printing would come in the form of a pristine white box from a high-end manufacturing facility. You'd be wrong. The hot new thing in 3D printing is an open source machine you can put together yourself in your kitchen. Come with us, and find out why your next printer should be a Voron.

- Grow food to feed yourself during the coming apocalypse;
- Use a Raspberry Pi Pico to monitor houseplants;
- Cut circuits out of copper tape;
- Build more with bricks.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download HackSpace Magazine: Issue 59 ebook for free in PDF format (49.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Top Projects
Section 2
LEGO pendulum
Section 3
Objet 3d'art
Section 4
Meet the Maker: Kathy Hinde
Section 5
Section 6
Crowdfunding now
Section 7
The future of printing
Section 8
How I Made: Ceres-1 Portable
Section 9
Interview: Carrie Sundra
Section 10
Interview: Carrie Sundra
Section 11
Improviser's Toolbox: Bricks
Section 12
SoM Laser cutting
Section 13
Tutorial: Build a robot
Section 14
Tutorial: Vinyl cutting
Section 15
Tutorial: Aquaponics
Section 16
Tutorial: Relays
Section 17
Tutorial: Soft start
Section 18
Best of Breed
Section 19
Review Mechanical keyboard

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HackSpace Magazine: Issue 59
Computer Science
Raspberry Pi Press
PDF Size
49.6 MB

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