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Life, Re-Scaled

The Biological Imagination in Twenty-First-Century Literature and Performance

by Liliane Campos, Pierre-Louis Patoine

Life, Re-Scaled

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Book Description

This edited volume explores new engagements with the life sciences in contemporary fiction, poetry, comics and performance. The gathered case studies investigate how recent creative work reframes the human within microscopic or macroscopic scales, from cellular biology to systems ecology, and engages with the ethical, philosophical, and political issues raised by the twenty-first century's shifting views of life. The collection thus examines literature and performance as spaces that shape our contemporary biological imagination.

Comprised of thirteen chapters by an international group of academics, Life, Re-Scaled: The Biological Imagination in Twenty-First-Century Literature and Performance engages with four main areas of biological study: 'Invisible scales: cells, microbes and mycelium', 'Neuro-medical imaging and diagnosis', 'Pandemic imaginaries', and 'Ecological scales'. The authors examine these concepts in emerging forms such as plant theatre, climate change art, ecofiction and pandemic fiction, including the work of Jeff Vandermeer, Jon McGregor, Jeff Lemire, and Extinction Rebellion's Red Rebel Brigade performances.

This valuable resource moves beyond the biological paradigms that were central to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to outline the specificity of a contemporary imagination. Life, Re-Scaled is crucial reading for academics, scholars, and authors alike, as it proposes an unprecedented overview of the relationship between literature, performance and the life sciences in the twenty-first century.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Life, Re-Scaled ebook for free in PDF format (54.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Human Environmental Aesthetics: The Molecular Sublime and the Molecular Grotesque
Chapter 3
Still Life and Vital Matter in Gillian Clarke's Poetry
Chapter 4
Mycoaesthetics: Weird Fungi and Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation
Chapter 5
To Be or Not to Be a Patient: Challenging Biomedical Categories in Joshua Ferris's The Unnamed
Chapter 6
Neurocomics and Neuroimaging: David B.'s Epileptic and Matteo Farinella and Hana RoŇ°'s Neurocomic
Chapter 7
The Fiction of the Empty Pandemic City: Race and Diaspora in Ling Ma's Severance
Chapter 8
Dead Gods and Geontopower: An Ecocritical Reading of Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth
Chapter 9
Depopulating the Novel: Post-Catastrophe Fiction, Scale, and the Population Unconscious
Chapter 10
The Everyday Pluriverse: Ecosystem Modelling in Reservoir 13
Chapter 11
The Narrative and Aesthetic Strategies of Climate Change Comics
Chapter 12
Displacing the Human: Representing Ecological Crisis on Stage
Chapter 13
Staging Larger Scales and Deep Entanglements: The Choice of Immersion in Four Ecological Performances

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Life, Re-Scaled
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