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Methods for Analysing and Reporting EQ-5D Data

by Nancy Devlin, David Parkin, Bas Janssen

Methods for Analysing and Reporting EQ-5D Data

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Book Description

This open access book is the first published guide about how to analyse data produced by the EQ-5D, one of the most widely used Patient Reported Outcomes questionnaires world wide. The authors provide practical, clear and comprehensive guidance in five concise chapters. Following an overview of the EQ-5D and its analysis, we describe how the questionnaire data - the EQ-5D profile and EQ VAS - can be analysed in different ways to generate important insights into peoples' health. We then show how the value sets which accompany the EQ-5D can be applied to summarise patients' data. The final chapter deals with advanced topics, including the use of Minimally Important Differences, case-mix adjustment, mapping, and more. This book is essential for those new to analyzing EQ-5D data and will be also be valuable for those with more experience. The methods can be applied to any EQ-5D instrument (for example, the three- and five-level and Youth versions) and many of the methods described will be equally relevant to other Patient Reported Outcomes instruments.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Methods for Analysing and Reporting EQ-5D Data ebook for free in PDF format (3.9 MB).

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Methods for Analysing and Reporting EQ-5D Data
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