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Plastic Legacies

Pollution, Persistence, and Politics

by Trisia Farrelly, Sy Taffel, Ian Shaw

Plastic Legacies

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Book Description

There is virtually nowhere on Earth today that remains untouched by plastic and ecosystems are evolving to adapt to this new context. While plastics have revolutionized our modern world, new and often unforeseen effects of plastic and its production are continually being discovered. Plastics are entangled in multiple ecological and social crises, from the plasticization of the oceans to the embeddedness of plastics in political hierarchies.

The complexities surrounding the global plastic crisis require an interdisciplinary approach and the materialities of plastic demand new temporalities of thought and action. Plastic Legacies brings together scholars from the fields of marine biology, psychology, anthropology, environmental studies, Indigenous studies, and media studies to investigate and address the urgent socio-ecological challenges brought about by plastics. Contributors consider the unpredictable nature of plastics and weigh actionable solutions and mitigation processes against the ever-changing situation. Moving beyond policy changes, this volume offers a critique of neoliberal approaches to tackling the plastics crisis and explores how politics and communicative action are key to implementing social, cultural, and economic change.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND). You can download Plastic Legacies ebook for free in PDF format (13.2 MB).

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 1
Marine Litter: Are There Solutions to This Global Environmental Problem?
Chapter 2
Slow Violence: The Erosion of Marine Plastic Debris and of Human Health
Chapter 3
How Seabirds and Indigenous Science Illustrate the Legacies of Plastics Pollution
Chapter 4
Dawn of the Plastisphere: An Experiment with Unpredictable Effects
Part II
Chapter 5
Plastiglomerate: Plastics, Geology, and the New Materialism of the Anthropocene
Chapter 6
Dressed in Plastic: The Persistence of Polyester Clothes
Chapter 7
Caring for the Multiple Cares of Plastics
Chapter 8
On Becoming a Massively Distributed Thing: Hedgehogs, Plastics, and the Bearable Lightness of Becoming
Part III
Chapter 9
Communicative Capitalism, Technological Solutionism, and The Ocean Cleanup
Chapter 10
Toward Large-Scale Social Change and Plastic Politics: An Anthropological Perspective on the Practices of a Danish Environmental Organization
Chapter 11
Plastics Talk/Talking Plastics: The Communicative Power of Plasticity
Chapter 12
Redressing the Faustian Bargains of Plastics Economies

Book Details

Plastic Legacies
AU Press
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
13.2 MB

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