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2050 China

Becoming a Great Modern Socialist Country

by Angang Hu, Yilong Yan, Xiao Tang, Shenglong Liu

2050 China

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Book Description

This book is arranged and developed around the theme of "2050 China," it analyzes the factors and advantages of the Chinese road to socialist modernization, explores and summarizes the development goal and the basic logic of the socialist modernization of China, and further shows the general basis of the primary stage of socialism. According to the report delivered at the 19th Party Congress, and according to the "two-stage" strategic plan, this book looks ahead in detail to the overarching objective and sub-objectives of essentially achieving socialist modernization by 2035, discusses the building of a great modern socialist country in all respects from the perspective of the Party's six-sphere integrated plan of economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization, and national defense construction, and provides policy proposals. This book also analyzes the influence and the effect of the socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics on the world and it further presents the third centenary goal.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download 2050 China ebook for free in PDF format (1.3 MB).

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2050 China
Politics and Government
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