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Angular Testing Succinctly

by Joseph Booth

Angular Testing Succinctly

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Book Description

Though sometimes perceived as a hurdle, testing can save developers from heartbreak in the long run. In Angular Testing Succinctly, author Joseph D. Booth provides a quick introduction to different tools and approaches to testing Angular projects to make them higher quality from the start and easier to maintain down the road. Topics covered include lint checking, test-driven development, unit testing, and end-to-end testing. Tools covered include TSLint, ESLint, SonarLint, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, and Cucumber.

This open book is licensed strictly for personal or educational use. You can download Angular Testing Succinctly ebook for free in PDF format (1.5 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Lint Checking
Chapter 3
Other Linters
Chapter 4
Test-Driven Development
Chapter 5
Angular CLI
Chapter 6
Sample Application
Chapter 7
Unit Testing
Chapter 8
E2E Testing with Jasmine
Chapter 9
E2E Testing with Cucumber
Chapter 10
Planning E2E

Book Details

Angular Testing Succinctly
Computer Science
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
1.5 MB
For personal or educational use

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