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Custom PC: Issue 225

April 2022

by Custom PC Team

Custom PC: Issue 225

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Book Description

In Issue 225 we show you how to build a stunning water-cooled PC with hard tubing, taking you through the whole process from start to finish. Not only do we show you what gear to buy, but we also show you how to measure it up, cut and bend your tubing and fit it all together.

You just need to add your own choice of Intel 12th-gen CPU, GPU, memory and storage to our kit list. You can then follow our guide and you'll have all the details you need to make a cool, quiet and exquisite-looking machine like the one on our front cover.

Also in this issue:
- Mini-ITX case group test
- Game graphics optimisation guide
- Multi-button gaming mice labs test
- How to use a vinyl cutter
- Refresh your AIO liquid cooler
- PCI-E 4 SSDs
- Corsair K70 RGB Pro
- Elden Ring

This open book is licensed under a Open Publication License (OPL). You can download Custom PC: Issue 225 ebook for free in PDF format (44.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Intel is looking fabulous
Section 2
War games
Section 3
Nvidia hack
Section 4
Fractal Design Torrent
Section 5
Section 6
Corsair Xeneon
Section 7
Corsair K70 Pro RGB
Section 8
HP Omen 17
Section 9
Mini-ITX cases
Section 10
Multi-button gaming mice
Section 11
Elden Ring
Section 12
Build a water-cooled PC
Section 13
Gaming graphics guide
Section 14
Hobby tech
Section 15
How to
Section 16
Alien breach
Section 17
Raising steam

Book Details

Custom PC: Issue 225
Computer Science
Raspberry Pi Press
PDF Size
44.6 MB
Open Publication License

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