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DevOps: WTF?

by Don Jones

DevOps: WTF?

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Book Description

"DevOps" is creating a lot of anxiety amongst the IT professionals of the world. It's also causing a bit of a boom for technology marketing people, who in turn are making the whole concept confusing for businesses and professionals alike.

This is an effort to set the record straight for someone who might be feeling a little vague or uncertain about what DevOps is, whether or not they're "doing DevOps," and so on. It's meant to be useful to business leaders, technology leaders, and technologists.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-ND). You can download DevOps: WTF? ebook for free in PDF format (6.2 MB).

Table of Contents

An Agile Notice
What is DevOps?
DevOps: By the Numbers
What Isn't DevOps?
What Does DevOps Look Like?
Who is DevOps For?
Who is DevOps Not For?
What About "Infrastructure as Code?"
What Does DevOps Include?
Is DevOps a Job Role?
In Closing

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DevOps: WTF?
Computer Science
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6.2 MB

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