Essays on Paula Rego

Smile When You Think about Hell

by Maria Manuel Lisboa

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Book Description

In these powerful and stylishly written essays, Maria Manuel Lisboa dissects the work of Paula Rego, the Portuguese-born artist considered one of the greatest artists of modern times. Focusing primarily on Rego's work since the 1980s, Lisboa explores the complex relationships between violence and nurturing, power and impotence, politics and the family that run through Rego's art.

Taking a historicist approach to the evolution of the artist's work, Lisboa embeds the works within Rego's personal history as well as Portugal's (and indeed other nations') stories, and reveals the interrelationship between political significance and the raw emotion that lies at the heart of Rego's uncompromising iconographic style. Fundamental to Lisboa's analysis is an understanding that apparent opposites - male and female, sacred and profane, aggression and submissiveness - often co-exist in Rego's work in a way that is both disturbing and destabilising.

This collection of essays brings together both unpublished and previously published work to make a significant contribution to scholarship about Paula Rego. It will also be of interest to scholars and students of contemporary painting, Portuguese and British feminist art, and the political and ideological aspects of the visual arts.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Essays on Paula Rego ebook for free in PDF format (35.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Past History and Deaths Foretold: A Map of Memory
Chapter 2
(He)art History or a Death in the Family: The Late 80s
Chapter 3
The Sins of the Fathers: Mother and Land Revisited in the Late 90s
Chapter 4
An Interesting Condition: The Abortion Pastels
Chapter 5
Brave New Worlds: The Birthing of Nations in First Mass in Brazil
Chapter 6
I Am Coming to Your Kingdom, Prince Horrendous: Scary Stories for Baby, Perfect Stranger and Me
Chapter 7
Paula and the Madonna: Who's That Girl?
Chapter 8
Epilogue: Let Me Count the Ways I Love You
Appendix A
Translation of Alexandre Herculano's A Dama Pé de Cabra (The Lady with a Cloven Hoof)
Appendix B
Translation of Hélia Correia's ‘Fascinação' (‘Enchantment')

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