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A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration

Essays on Organizational Transformation from Google Practitioners

by Kieran Broadfoot

A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration

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Book Description

Why do enterprises feel daunted when undertaking a large-scale cloud transformation? A move to the cloud usually offers substantial rewards. Once companies make this transition, they unlock new business opportunities that fundamentally change the way they work. With this report, members of the Google team will show you how to navigate the cultural and technological transformation required to migrate to the cloud.

Although Google is a company born in the cloud, several team members came from organizations that had to painstakingly work through this transition. They share their hard-won experience as they guide you through 13 essays covering the different aspects of a successful cloud transformation, including:
- Managing a Successful Transformation
- Celebrating (and Tweaking) Your Culture
- Framing Your Transformation with Clearly Articulated Policies
- Building Leadership Through Decider Groups
- Developing Centers of Excellence
- Scaling Innovation

This open access book is Complimented by Google Cloud. You can download A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration ebook for free in PDF format (8.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Managing a Successful Transformation
Chapter 2
Celebrating (and Tweaking) Your Culture
Chapter 3
Defining "Good" for Your Organization
Chapter 4
Framing Your Transformation with Clearly Articulated Policies
Chapter 5
Building Leadership Through Decider Groups
Chapter 6
Developing Centers of Excellence
Chapter 7
Scaling Innovation
Chapter 8
Higher-Order Architectures for Multi-Cloud
Chapter 9
Thinking of Cloud Platforms as a Software Problem
Chapter 10
Making Security Policies Fit-for-Purpose
Chapter 11
360-Degree Continuous Compliance
Chapter 12
Safely Operating at Scale
Chapter 13
Developers - Go Faster, Go Together

Book Details

A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration
Computer Science
O'Reilly Media
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
8.9 MB
Compliments of Google Cloud

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