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Financing Investment in Times of High Public Debt

2023 European Public Investment Outlook

by Floriana Cerniglia, Francesco Saraceno, Andrew Watt

Financing Investment in Times of High Public Debt

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Book Description

The fourth book in the 'European Public Investment Outlook' series focuses on the urgent issue of how to finance needed investment in critical tangible and intangible infrastructure given high levels of public debt, a thorny problem facing many governments across Europe. Drawing on expertise from academics, researchers at public policy institutes and international governance bodies, the contributors analyse the current situation and prospects and propose feasible solutions.

Financing Investment in Times of High Public Debt offers a powerful combination of high-level analysis of cross-continental policies and trends, with close examination of specific contexts in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The chapters in Part II explore challenges including how to finance climate investments, the extent to which national promotional banks can offer solutions, EU budget reform and recent trends in tax progressivity.

This book is essential reading for economists, policymakers, and anyone interested in implementing and financing public policy in Europe and wanting to better understand the intricacies of EU governance and institutions.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Financing Investment in Times of High Public Debt ebook for free in PDF format (10.7 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Financing Public Investment in France
Chapter 4
Germany Lacks Political Will to Finance Needed Public-Investment Boost
Chapter 5
Italy's Public Investments : The NRRP and Beyond
Chapter 6
Public Investment, Deficit and Public Debt in Spain, 1995 - 2022
Chapter 7
Escaping Fragmentation and Secular Stagnation: The EU Policy Mix and Investment Financing
Chapter 8
From Crisis to Crisis, Can Europe Count on National Promotional Banks as Silver Bullets?
Chapter 9
Making Green Public Investments a Reality in the EU Fiscal Framework and the EU Budget
Chapter 10
Financing Climate Investment in the EU: The Role of Monetary and Financial Policies
Chapter 11
In Search of Lost Time: An Ensemble of Policies to Restore Fiscal Progressivity and Address the Climate Challenge
Chapter 12
European Public Goods
Chapter 13
Options for a Permanent EU Sovereign Fund: Meeting the Climate-Investment Challenge and Promoting Macroeconomic Stability

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Financing Investment in Times of High Public Debt
Economics and Finance
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10.7 MB

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