Intelligence Unleashed

Intelligence Unleashed

An argument for AI in Education

by Rose Luckin, Wayne Holmes, Mark Griffiths, Laurie B. Corcier


Book Description

This book on artificial intelligence in education (AIEd) with two aims in mind. The first was to explain to a non-specialist, interested reader what AIEd is: its goals, how it is built, and how it works. After all, only by securing a certain degree of understanding can we move beyond the science-fiction imagery of AI, and the associated fears. The second aim was to set out the argument for what AIEd can offer learning, both now and in the future, with an eye towards improving learning and life outcomes for all.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Intelligence Unleashed ebook for free in PDF format (0.4 MB).

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Table of Contents

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
A brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd)
What AIEd can offer learning right now
The next phase of AIEd
Taking it to the next level: How AIEd can help us respond to the biggest unsolved issues in education
Bringing it all together: The continuing race between education and technology
Recommendations to help us Unleash Intelligence

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