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Public Policy

Origins, Practice, and Analysis

by Kimberly Martin, Keith E. Lee Jr, John Powell Hall

Public Policy

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Book Description

What is the most pressing problem facing the American public today? Is it immigration reform, health care costs, the student debt crisis, stagnating wages, or a budget deficit reaching into the trillions? How about climate change or the threat of plastic pollution in the ocean? What about gun violence and gun rights? The problems facing the U.S. are numerous, but solutions exist, and it is within the power of government to provide those solutions by developing thoughtful and effective public policy.

We know that public refers to the people, and American government was established to serve at the will of the people. Unlike the word "public's" precise definition, public policy has numerous ways to be defined and just as many opinions about what it entails.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA). You can download Public Policy ebook for free in PDF format (7.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to Public Policy
Chapter 2
Origins and Actors
Chapter 3
Foundations of the Policy Process
Chapter 4
Problem Identification and Agenda Setting
Chapter 5
Policy Design and Formulation
Chapter 6
Policy Implementation
Chapter 7
Policy Analysis and Evaluation

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Public Policy
Politics and Government
University of North Georgia
ISBN13 Digital
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7.6 MB

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