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Rexx Programmer's Reference

by Howard Fosdick

Rexx Programmer's Reference

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Book Description

Originally developed for mainframes but highly portable across platforms-from servers to desktops to handhelds-Rexx is an easy yet powerful scripting language that's widely used for rapid application development.

Covers Rexx interpreters for specialized functions-object-oriented, mainframe, and handheld.

There are 8 different free Rexx interpreters optimized for different platforms and uses. This book shows how to use them all.

Shows how to script for GUIs, databases, web servers, XML, and other interfaces.

Details how to make the best use of Rexx tools and interfaces, with examples for both Linux and Windows.

Includes a tutorial with lots of examples to help people get up and running.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Rexx Programmer's Reference ebook for free in PDF format (8.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to Scripting and Rexx
Chapter 2
Language Basics
Chapter 3
Control Structures
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Input and Output
Chapter 6
String Manipulation
Chapter 7
Numbers, Calculations, and Conversions
Chapter 8
Subroutines, Functions, and Modularity
Chapter 9
Debugging and the Trace Facility
Chapter 10
Errors and Condition Trapping
Chapter 11
The External Data Queue, or "Stack"
Chapter 12
Rexx with Style
Chapter 13
Writing Portable Rexx
Chapter 14
Issuing System Commands
Chapter 15
Interfacing to Relational Databases
Chapter 16
Graphical User Interfaces
Chapter 17
Web Programming with CGI and Apache
Chapter 18
XML and Other Interfaces
Chapter 19
Evolution and Implementations
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Handhelds and Embedded Programming
Chapter 25
Rexx for Palm OS
Chapter 26
r4 and Object-Oriented roo!
Chapter 27
Open Object Rexx
Chapter 28
Open Object Rexx Tutorial
Chapter 29
IBM Mainframe Rexx
Chapter 30
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Regina Extended Functions
Appendix E
Mainframe Extended Functions
Appendix F
Rexx/SQL Functions
Appendix G
Rexx/Tk Functions
Appendix H
Tools, Interfaces, and Packages
Appendix I
Open Object Rexx: Classes and Methods
Appendix J
Mod_Rexx: Functions and Special Variables
Appendix K
NetRexx: Quick Reference
Appendix L
Interpreter System Information
Appendix M
Answers to "Test Your Understanding" Questions

Book Details

Rexx Programmer's Reference
Computer Science
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
8.6 MB

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