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Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays

by Hans Walter Gabler

Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays

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Book Description

This collection of essays from world-renowned scholar Hans Walter Gabler contains writings from a decade and a half of retirement spent exploring textual criticism, genetic criticism, and literary criticism. In these sixteen stimulating contributions, he develops theories of textual criticism and editing that are inflected by our advance into the digital era; structurally analyses arts of composition in literature and music; and traces the cultural implications discernible in book design, and in the canonisation of works of literature and their authors.

Distinctive and ambitious, these essays move beyond the concerns of the community of critics and scholars. Gabler responds innovatively to the issues involved and often endeavours to re-think their urgencies by bringing together the orthodox tenets of different schools of textual criticism. He moves between a variety of topics, ranging from fresh genetic approaches to the work of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, to significant contributions to the theorisation of scholarly editing in the digital age.

Written in Gabler's fluent style, these rich and elegant compositions are essential reading for literary and textual critics, scholarly editors, readers of James Joyce, New Modernism specialists, and all those interested in textual scholarship and digital editing under the umbrella of Digital Humanities.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays ebook for free in PDF format (26.4 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Rocky Road to Ulysses
Chapter 2
'He chronicled with patience': Early Joycean Progressions Between Non-Fiction and Fiction
Chapter 3
James Joyce Interpreneur
Chapter 4
Structures of Memory and Orientation: Steering a Course Through Wandering Rocks
Chapter 5
Editing Text - Editing Work
Chapter 6
Theorizing the Digital Scholarly Edition
Chapter 7
Thoughts on Scholarly Editing
Chapter 8
Beyond Author-Centricity in Scholarly Editing
Chapter 9
Sourcing and Editing Shakespeare: The Bibliographical Fallacy
Chapter 10
The Draft Manuscript as Material Foundation for Genetic Editing and Genetic Criticism
Chapter 11
A Tale of Two Texts: Or, How One Might Edit Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse
Chapter 12
Auto-Palimpsests: Virginia Woolf's Late Drafting of Her Early Life
Chapter 13
From Memory to Fiction: An Essay in Genetic Criticism
Chapter 14
Johann Sebastian Bach's Two-Choir Passion
Chapter 15
Argument into Design: Editions as a Sub-Species of the Printed Book
Chapter 16
Cultural versus Editorial Canonising: The Cases of Shakespeare, of Joyce

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Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays
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26.4 MB

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