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The Data Journalism Handbook

How Journalists Can Use Data to Improve the News

by Jonathan Gray, Lucy Chambers, Liliana Bounegru

The Data Journalism Handbook

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Book Description

When you combine the sheer scale and range of digital information now available with a journalist's "nose for news" and her ability to tell a compelling story, a new world of possibility opens up. With The Data Journalism Handbook, you'll explore the potential, limits, and applied uses of this new and fascinating field.

This valuable handbook has attracted scores of contributors since the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation launched the project at MozFest 2011. Through a collection of tips and techniques from leading journalists, professors, software developers, and data analysts, you'll learn how data can be either the source of data journalism or a tool with which the story is told - or both.

- Examine the use of data journalism at the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, and other news organizations
- Explore in-depth case studies on elections, riots, school performance, and corruption
- Learn how to find data from the Web, through freedom of information laws, and by "crowd sourcing"
- Extract information from raw data with tips for working with numbers and statistics and using data visualization
- Deliver data through infographics, news apps, open data platforms, and download links

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA). You can download The Data Journalism Handbook ebook for free in PDF format (14.4 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
For the Great Unnamed
Chapter 2
Contributor List
Chapter 3
What This Book Is (And What It Isn't)
Chapter 4
The Handbook At A Glance
Chapter 5
What Is Data Journalism?
Chapter 6
Why Journalists Should Use Data
Chapter 7
Why Is Data Journalism Important?
Chapter 8
Some Favorite Examples
Chapter 9
Data Journalism in Perspective
Chapter 10
The ABC's Data Journalism Play
Chapter 11
Data Journalism at the BBC
Chapter 12
How the News Apps Team at Chicago Tribune Works
Chapter 13
Behind the Scenes at the Guardian Datablog
Chapter 14
Data Journalism at the Zeit Online
Chapter 15
How to Hire a Hacker
Chapter 16
Harnessing External Expertise Through Hackthons
Chapter 17
Following the Money: Cross-Border Collaboration
Chapter 18
Our Stories Come As Code
Chapter 19
Business Models for Data Journalism
Chapter 20
Kaas & Mulvad: Semi- nished Content for Stakeholder Groups
Chapter 21
The Opportunity Gap
Chapter 22
A 9 Month Investigation into European Structural Funds
Chapter 23
The Eurozone Meltdown
Chapter 24
Covering the Public Purse with
Chapter 25
Finnish Parliamentary Elections and Campaign Funding
Chapter 26
Electoral Hack in Realtime
Chapter 27
Data in the News: Wikileaks
Chapter 28
Mapa76 Hackathon
Chapter 29
The Guardian Datablog's Coverage of the UK Riots
Chapter 30
Illinois School Report Cards
Chapter 31
Hospital Billing
Chapter 32
Care Home Crisis
Chapter 33
The Tell-All Telephone
Chapter 34
Which Car Model? MOT Failure Rates
Chapter 35
Bus Subsidies in Argentina
Chapter 36
Citizen Data Reporters
Chapter 37
The Big Board for Election Results
Chapter 38
Crowdsourcing the Price of Water
Chapter 39
A Five Minute Field Guide
Chapter 40
Your Right to Data
Chapter 41
Wobbing Works. Use it!
Chapter 42
Getting Data from the Web
Chapter 43
The Web as a Data Source
Chapter 44
Crowdsourcing Data at the Guardian Datablog
Chapter 45
How the Datablog Used Crowdsourcing to Cover Olympic Ticketing
Chapter 46
Using and Sharing Data: the Black Letter, Fine Print, and Reality
Chapter 47
Become Data Literate in 3 Simple Steps
Chapter 48
Tips for Working with Numbers in the News
Chapter 49
Basic Steps in Working with Data
Chapter 50
The £32 Loaf of Bread
Chapter 51
Start With the Data, Finish With a Story
Chapter 52
Data Stories
Chapter 53
Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools of Choice
Chapter 54
Using Data Visualization to Find Insights in Data
Chapter 55
Presenting Data to the Public
Chapter 56
How to Build a News App
Chapter 57
News Apps at ProPublica
Chapter 58
Visualization as the Workhorse of Data Journalism
Chapter 59
Using visualizations to Tell Stories
Chapter 60
Designing With Data
Chapter 61
Different Charts Tell Different Tales
Chapter 62
Data visualization DIY: Our Top Tools
Chapter 63
How We Serve Data at Verdens Gang
Chapter 64
Public Data Goes Social
Chapter 65
Engaging People Around Your Data

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The Data Journalism Handbook
Sociology and Social Sciences
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14.4 MB

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