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The Power of Music

An Exploration of the Evidence

by Susan Hallam, Evangelos Himonides

The Power of Music

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Book Description

Building on her earlier work, The Power of Music: A Research Synthesis of the Impact of Actively Making Music on the Intellectual, Social and Personal Development of Children and Young People, this volume by Susan Hallam and Evangelos Himonides is an important new resource in the field of music education, practice, and psychology. A well signposted text with helpful subheadings, The Power of Music: An Exploration of the Evidence gathers and synthesises research in neuroscience, psychology, and education to develop our understanding of the effects of listening to and actively making music. Its chapters address music's relationship with literacy and numeracy, transferable skills, its impact on social cohesion and personal wellbeing, as well as the roles that music plays in our everyday lives. Considering evidence from large population samples to individual case studies and across age groups, the authors also pose important methodological questions to the research community. The Power of Music defends qualitative research against a requirement for randomised control trials that can obscure the diverse and often fraught contexts in which people of all ages and backgrounds are exposed to, and engage with, music. This magnificent and comprehensive volume allows the evidence about the power of music to speak for itself, thus providing an essential directory for those researching music education and its social, personal, and cognitive impact across human ages and experiences.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download The Power of Music ebook for free in PDF format (7.3 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Music and Neuroscience
Chapter 3
Aural Perception and Language Skills
Chapter 4
Literacy and Related Language Skills
Chapter 5
Music, Spatial Reasoning and Mathematical Performance
Chapter 6
The Impact of Musical Engagement on Memory
Chapter 7
Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation
Chapter 8
Intellectual Development
Chapter 9
Musicians and Creativity
Chapter 10
General Attainment
Chapter 11
Music and Studying
Chapter 12
Re-Engagement and Motivation
Chapter 13
Personal, Social and Physical Development
Chapter 14
Psychological Wellbeing
Chapter 15
Music and Physical and Mental Health
Chapter 16
Music, Inclusion and Social Cohesion
Chapter 17
Music in Everyday Life

Book Details

The Power of Music
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7.3 MB

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