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Reform and Revolt in the City of Dreaming Spires

Radical, Socialist and Communist Politics in the City of Oxford 1830-1980

by Duncan Bowie

Reform and Revolt in the City of Dreaming Spires

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Book Description

Books about Oxford have generally focused on the University rather than the city. This original book on the local politics of Oxford City from 1830 to 1980 is based on a comprehensive analysis of primary sources and tells the story of the city's progressive politics. The book traces this history from Chartism and electoral reform in the mid-nineteenth century, through the early years of socialism to the impact of communism in the interwar period, the struggle between nuclear disarmers and Gaitskellites in the 1960s and the impact of the new revolutionary left in the late 1970s. Throughout the narrative, the book contrasts the two approaches of those engaged in progressive politics, those who focused on the politics of reform and improved government and those who preferred the politics of revolt, protest and revolutionary rhetoric. The author argues that a central feature of this history has been the co-existence and interaction of working- and middle- class elements. It rediscovers a rich heritage, a fascinating story and offers a rare wide-ranging chronological narrative of local UK city politics. Through its extensive quotes from primary sources, the book presents a vivid picture of local politics over 150 years.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND). You can download Reform and Revolt in the City of Dreaming Spires ebook for free in PDF format (20.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Oxford in the Early 19th Century
Chapter 2
Reform Agitation, 1830-1832
Chapter 3
The Development of Reform Politics and the Reformed Corporation, 1833-1836
Chapter 4
Suffrage and Anti-Corn Law -Agitation, 1837-1846
Chapter 5
Radicalism, Religion and the Poor Laws, 1843-1845
Chapter 6
Local Politics, Chartism and the 'Little Charter' Movement, 1846-1853
Chapter 7
Corruption and the Radical -Challenge, 1854-1857
Chapter 8
Reform Agitation and the Oxford Reform League, 1857-69
Chapter 9
Education, the Ballot and Drink, -1870-1873
Chapter 10
Republicanism and Early Trade -Unionism, 1871-1873
Chapter 11
The Decline of Oxford Liberalism, -1870-1887
Chapter 12
The Nature of Victorian Radicalism
Chapter 13
The Political and Industrial Structure of late Victorian Oxford
Chapter 14
The Radical Tradition and the Oxford Socialist League, 1883-1900
Chapter 15
The early years of the Oxford Trades Council, 1888-1900
Chapter 16
The Social Democratic Federation - Socialism in the Streets. 1896-1898
Chapter 17
The Municipal Housing Association, 1900-1902
Chapter 18
The Municipal Labour Representation Association, 1902-1905
Chapter 19
The Independent Labour Party, -Unemployment Agitation and Local -Politics, 1905-1907
Chapter 20
ILP Propaganda and the Clarion Cycling Club, 1906-1908
Chapter 21
Labour Divided, 1906-1909
Chapter 22
Labour and Politics, 1909-1914
Chapter 23
The Growth of a Socialist Tradition
Chapter 24
Oxford Labour and Politics during the First World War
Chapter 25
The Industrialisation of Oxford
Chapter 26
Postwar Years, 1918-1919
Chapter 27
The Oxford Labour Party and the -Communist Challenge, January - March 1920
Chapter 28
The Militant Trades Council, March 1920 - December 1921
Chapter 29
The Re-establishment of the Oxford Labour Party, December 1921 - June 1922
Chapter 30
Labour Divisions and Liberal Revival, June 1922 - December 1923
Chapter 31
Parliamentary Contests and the General Strike, 1924-1926
Chapter 32
Labour in Retreat, 1926-1932
Chapter 33
The Rebirth of Militancy - Unemployment and Fascism, 1932-1934
Chapter 34
The Rebuilding of the Oxford Labour Party, 1934-1935
Chapter 35
The Cutteslowe Walls and Florence Park, 1935-1936
Chapter 36
Communism, Fascism and Local Politics, 1935-1937
Chapter 37
Labour on the City Council, 1934-1939
Chapter 38
Popular Front - the 1938 By-Election and After
Chapter 39
The Oxford Labour Party and the -Working Class
Chapter 40
The Oxford Labour Party since 1940
Chapter 41
Oxford and Progressive Politics

Book Details

Reform and Revolt in the City of Dreaming Spires
University of Westminster Press
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
20.9 MB

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