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Academic Success

by Cristy Bartlett, Tyler Cawthray, Linda Clark, Kate Derrington, Aruna Devi, Anita Frederiks, Wendy Hargreaves, Debi Howarth, Sarah Irvine, Kristen Lovric, Rowena McGregor, Leigh Pickstone, Bianca Retallick, Akshay Sahay, Anbarasu Thangavelu, Robyn Twe

Academic Success

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Book Description

Academic Success is designed to help students on their university journey. It is divided into four parts, each reflecting different aspects of a student's tertiary experience. Part A: Successful Beginnings addresses what it is like to be a new student at an Australian university. Part B: Successful Foundations introduces basic skills in English language, techniques for accessing and working with information, and understanding academic integrity. Part C: Successful Study Skills presents the everyday, core skills that successful students use while at university. Lastly, Part D: Successful Assessment meets head-on the challenges of tertiary assessments. This open book ultimately aids students across all disciplines in achieving academic success at university.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download Academic Success ebook for free in PDF format (24.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Part A
Successful Beginnings
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Adjusting to University
Chapter 3
Successful Connections
Part B
Successful Foundations
Chapter 4
English Language Foundations
Chapter 5
Working with Information
Part C
Successful Study Skills
Chapter 6
Goals and Priorities
Chapter 7
Combatting Procrastination
Chapter 8
Time Management
Chapter 9
Study Space
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Part D
Successful Assessment
Chapter 13
Managing Assessment
Chapter 14
Writing Assignments
Chapter 15
Types of Assignments
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Preparing for Exams
Chapter 18
Types of Exams

Book Details

Academic Success
Education and Teaching
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
24.9 MB

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