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Chronicles from Kashmir

An Annotated, Multimedia Script

by Nandita Dinesh

Chronicles from Kashmir

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Book Description

Chronicles from Kashmir explores this question through a site-adaptive 24-hour theatrical performance. Developed between 2013 and 2018 by the Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi and Nandita Dinesh, the play uses a durational, promenade format to immerse its audience within a multitude of perspectives on life in Kashmir. From a wedding celebration that is interrupted by curfew, to schoolboys divided by policing strategies, and soldiers struggling with a toxic mixture of boredom and trauma, Chronicles from Kashmir uses performance, installation and collaborative creation to grapple with Kashmir's conflicts through the lenses of outsiders, insiders, and everyone in between.

Due to varying degrees of censorship and suppression, the play has not been performed live since 2017. This book is, therefore, an attempt to keep Chronicles from Kashmir alive by including filmed scenes, a script, contextual questions, a glossary, and illuminating introductions by Nandita Dinesh and EKTA founder Bhawani Bashir Yasir. A valuable Open Access resource for practitioners, educators and students of performance and conflict, this book is also stimulating reading for anybody who has asked, "What is happening in Kashmir?"

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Chronicles from Kashmir ebook for free in PDF format (11.0 MB).

Table of Contents

Scene 0
Framing the Experience
Scene 1
The Experiment
Scene 2
The Departure
Scene 3
The Man & the Woman
Scene 4
The Artists
Scene 5
The Puppets
Scene 6
The Incarcerated
Scene 7
The Soldiers
Scene 8
The Argumentation Cultures
Scene 9
The Sikhs
Scene 10
The Apples
Scene 11
The Village-City Love Affair
Scene 12
The Mirrors & a Poetic Lament
Scene 13
The Pelters
Scene 14
The Banalities
Scene 15
The Time
Scene 16
The Women
Scene 17
The Game Show
Scene 18
The Hideout
Scene 19
The Return
Scene 20
The Seesaws
Scene 21
The Disappeared & the Police
Scene 21
The Hope

Book Details

Chronicles from Kashmir
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11.0 MB

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