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Graph Databases For Beginners

The #1 Platform for Connected Data

by Bryce Merkl Sasaki, Joy Chao, Rachel Howard

Graph Databases For Beginners

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Book Description

Whether you're a business executive or a seasoned developer, something has led you on the quest to learn more about graphs - and what they can do for you.

This ebook will take those new to the world of graphs through the basics of graph technology, including: Using the intuitive Cypher query language; The importance of data relationships; Key differences between graph and relational databases; And much more.

Learn why implementing graph technology will give you fast data insights and a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC). You can download Graph Databases For Beginners ebook for free in PDF format (4.0 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Graphs Are the Future
Chapter 2
Why Data Relationships Matter
Chapter 3
Data Modeling Basics
Chapter 4
Data Modeling Pitfalls to Avoid
Chapter 5
Why a Database Query Language Matters
Chapter 6
Imperative vs. Declarative Query Languages
Chapter 7
Graph Theory & Predictive Modeling
Chapter 8
Graph Search Algorithm Basics
Chapter 9
Why We Need NoSQL Databases
Chapter 10
ACID vs. BASE Explained
Chapter 11
Aggregate Stores Tour
Chapter 12
Other Graph Databases
Chapter 13
Native vs. Non-Native Graph Processing

Book Details

Graph Databases For Beginners
Computer Science
PDF Size
4.0 MB

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