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Interpersonal Communication

by Gena Bardwell, Sherry Reiter, David Nussbaum, George Backinoff, Georgia Westbrook

Interpersonal Communication

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Book Description

Interpersonal communication has many implications for us in the real world. Did you know that interpersonal communication played an important role in human evolution? Early humans who lived in groups, rather than alone, were more likely to survive, which meant that those with the capability to develop interpersonal bonds were more likely to pass these traits on to the next generation. Did you know that interpersonal skills have a measurable impact on psychological and physical health? People with higher levels of interpersonal communication skills are better able to adapt to stress, have greater satisfaction in relationships and more friends, and have less depression and anxiety. In fact, prolonged isolation has been shown to severely damage a human. Have you ever heard of the boy or girl who was raised by wolves?

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download Interpersonal Communication ebook for free in PDF format (48.2 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Interpersonal Communication Processes
Chapter 2
Introduction to Communication Studies
Chapter 3
Communication and Perception
Chapter 4
Verbal Communication
Chapter 5
Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Communication in Relationships
Chapter 8
Preparing a Speech
Chapter 9
Delivering a Speech
Chapter 10
Informative and Persuasive Speaking
Chapter 11
Public Speaking in Various Contexts
Chapter 12
Small Group Communication Chapter
Chapter 13
New Media, the Self, and Relationships

Book Details

Interpersonal Communication
Social Sciences
Open Touro
PDF Size
48.2 MB

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