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Introductory Statistics

by Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean

Introductory Statistics

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Book Description

Introductory Statistics follows scope and sequence requirements of a one-semester introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. The text assumes some knowledge of intermediate algebra and focuses on statistics application over theory. Introductory Statistics includes innovative practical applications that make the text relevant and accessible, as well as collaborative exercises, technology integration problems, and statistics labs.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Introductory Statistics ebook for free in PDF format (22.4 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Sampling and Data
Chapter 2
Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 3
Probability Topics
Chapter 4
Discrete Random Variables
Chapter 5
Continuous Random Variables
Chapter 6
The Normal Distribution
Chapter 7
The Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 8
Confidence Intervals
Chapter 9
Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
Chapter 10
Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples
Chapter 11
The Chi-Square Distribution
Chapter 12
Linear Regression and Correlation
Chapter 13
F Distribution and One-Way ANOVA
Appendix A
Review Exercises (Ch 3-13)
Appendix B
Practice Tests (1-4) and Final Exams
Appendix C
Data Sets
Appendix D
Group and Partner Projects
Appendix E
Solution Sheets
Appendix F
Mathematical Phrases, Symbols, and Formulas
Appendix G
Notes for the TI-83, 83+, 84, 84+ Calculators
Appendix H

Book Details

Introductory Statistics
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
22.4 MB

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