Visual Studio 2019 Succinctly

Visual Studio 2019 Succinctly

by Alessandro Del Sole


Book Description

Visual Studio 2019 is the new release of Microsoft's premiere development environment, which follows cross-platform paradigms and uses a plethora of programming languages and frameworks. Visual Studio 2019 Succinctly describes what's new in VS2019 from the point of view of the IDE. It covers the improved installation experience, new productivity features for managing projects, and new features in the code editor. Author Alessandro Del Sole also discusses new team collaboration and debugging features, as well as updated and improved support for mobile, web, and desktop development in this book.

This open book is licensed strictly for personal or educational use. You can download Visual Studio 2019 Succinctly ebook for free in PDF format (4.2 MB).

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Installation Experience
Chapter 2
Layout and Project Management
Chapter 3
Code Editor Productivity
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
What's New in the Debugger
Chapter 6
What's New for Mobile Development
Chapter 7
What's New for Web and Cloud Development
Chapter 8
Desktop Development with .NET Core 3.0

Book Details

Computer Science
PDF Size
4.2 MB
For personal or educational use

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