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HackSpace Magazine: Issue 54

May 2022

by HackSpace Team

HackSpace Magazine: Issue 54

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Book Description

What could be more satisfying than building a whole computer, from scratch? You might think it's impossible these days, but we've found a band of makers who are re-creating the clicky switches and flashing LEDs of a bygone age. Have a go yourself!

- Design, sustainability and ethics with Jude Pullen;
- Add much-needed safety features to a cheap off-the-internet laser cutter;
- Send communication signals through the ground;
- Get going with gears.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download HackSpace Magazine: Issue 54 ebook for free in PDF format (51.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Top Projects
Section 2
Objet 3d'art
Section 3
Meet the Maker: Ivan Kuleshov
Section 4
Section 5
Crowdfunding now
Section 6
Retro Computers Reborn
Section 7
Section 8
Interview: Jude Pullen
Section 9
Improviser's Toolbox: Bamboo
Section 10
In the workshop: Failure and success
Section 11
SoM Analogue output
Section 12
Tutorial Emotional LEGO
Section 13
Tutorial Earth communications
Section 14
Tutorial K40 laser cutter
Section 15
Tutorial Laser cutter
Section 16
Tutorial Slicing options
Section 17
Best of Breed
Section 18
Review Pimoroni Badger
Section 19
Review Shaper Origin
Section 20
Review Pimoroni Trilobot

Book Details

HackSpace Magazine: Issue 54
Computer Science
Raspberry Pi Press
PDF Size
51.9 MB

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