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Internet of Things

Information Processing in an Increasingly Connected World

by Leon Strous, Vinton Cerf

Internet of Things

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Book Description

First IFIP International Cross-Domain Conference, IFIPIoT 2018, Held at the 24th IFIP World Computer Congress, WCC 2018, Poznan, Poland, September 18-19, 2018, Revised Selected Papers

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Internet of Things ebook for free in PDF format (17.4 MB).

Table of Contents

WCC 2018 Plenary Contributions: Keynote, Special Sessions
Responsible Data Science in a Dynamic World: The Four Essential Elements of Data Science
How Three Poznan University Students Broke the German Enigma Code and Shortened World War Two
Professionalism and Frameworks
Should Artificial Intelligence Be More Regulated? Panel Discussion
IFIPIoT 2018 Invited Papers: Keynote, Panel Discussion
The Internet of Things is Hardly About Technology
IoT: Do We Have a Choice? Draft IFIP Position Paper
IFIPIoT 2018 Refereed Papers
The Outcomes of the Implementation of Internet of Things: A Public Value Perspective
Strategies for Reducing Power Consumption and Increasing Reliability in IoT
An Internet of Things (IoT) Model for Optimising Downtime Management: A Smart Lighting Case Study
IoT Enabled Process Innovation: Exploring Sensor-Based Digital Service Design Through an Information Requirements Framework
An Internet of Things Based Platform for Real-Time Management of Energy Consumption in Water Resource Recovery Facilities
A New Reconfigurable Architecture with Applications to IoT and Mobile Computing
Unexpected Inferences from Sensor Data: A Hidden Privacy Threat in the Internet of Things
Issues in Implementing a Data Integration Platform for Electric Vehicles Using the Internet of Things
Working with IoT - A Case Study Detailing Workplace Digitalization Through IoT System Adoption
Opportunities for the Internet of Things in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Domain
Internet of Things: The Present Status, Future Impacts and Challenges in Nigerian Agriculture
IoTutor: How Cognitive Computing Can Be Applied to Internet of Things Education
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Internet of Things
Computer Science
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