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Java Everywhere Again with DukeScript

JavaOne Hands on Lab 3962

by Anton Epple

Java Everywhere Again with DukeScript

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Book Description

For many years, Java Swing enabled developers to write applications that could run on any operating system. That all came to an end with the arrival of smart phones, tablets, and embedded computers.

In the enterprise, the desktop dominated for many years. In the meantime, however, almost every IT project includes plans for a future where the application will need to be ported to mobile platforms.

Building native applications for all platforms requires special skills and is expensive in terms of both maintenance and development.

We wanted to solve this problem, to make cross-platform development available for everyone again. That's why we developed DukeScript. In this lab you will learn how to use DukeScript and develop Java applications that run on a lot of different devices.

This open book is licensed under a Open Publication License (OPL). You can download Java Everywhere Again with DukeScript ebook for free in PDF format (4.0 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Getting started!
Chapter 2
Understanding the sample application
Chapter 3
Debugging a DukeScript application
Chapter 4

Book Details

Java Everywhere Again with DukeScript
Computer Science
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4.0 MB
Open Publication License

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