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Landscapes of Investigation

Contributions to Critical Mathematics Education

by Miriam Godoy Penteado, Ole Skovsmose

Landscapes of Investigation

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Book Description

Creating landscapes of investigation is a primary concern of critical mathematics education. It enables us to organise educational processes so that students and teachers are able to get involved in explorations guided by dialogical interactions. It attempts to address explicit or implicit forms of social injustice by means of mathematics, and also to promote a critical conception of mathematics, challenging the assumption that the subject represents objectivity and neutrality. Landscapes of Investigation provides many illustrations of how this can be done in primary, secondary, and university education. It also illustrates how exploring landscapes of investigation can contribute to mathematics teacher education programmes.

This edited volume is the result of a collaboration established through the Colloquium in Research in Critical Mathematics Education, which took place in 2016, 2018, and 2019 in Brazil. Its twenty-eight contributors are young researchers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico and the USA, who are dedicated to the further development of critical mathematics education.

Organised in eighteen chapters, the volume presents examples of engaging students from a diversity of social and economic backgrounds, age ranges, and abilities across different countries. The chapters present original findings on the social aspects of all levels of mathematics education. Landscapes of Investigation is of particular relevance to those with an interest in the potential of mathematics education to challenge social injustices.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC). You can download Landscapes of Investigation ebook for free in PDF format (23.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Entering Landscapes of Investigation
Chapter 2
Let's Go Shopping
Chapter 3
Media and Racism
Chapter 4
Bringing the Debate over Marijuana Legalisation into the Mathematics Classroom
Chapter 5
Mathematics Embedded in Community-Based Practices: Landscape of Investigation for Examining Social (In)Justice?
Chapter 6
Aspects of Democracy in Different Contexts of Mathematics Classes
Chapter 7
Collaborative Learning within Critical Mathematics Education
Chapter 8
Global Citizenship
Chapter 9
About Unfinishedness, Dreams and Landscapes of Investigation
Chapter 10
Dialogue in Eternity: Children, Mathematics, and Landscapes of Investigation
Chapter 11
Inclusive Landscapes of Investigation
Chapter 12
Meetings amongst Deaf and Hearing Students in the Mathematics Classroom
Chapter 13
Inclusion and Landscapes of Investigation: A Case of Elementary Education
Chapter 14
Landscapes of Investigation with Seniors
Chapter 15
The Investigative Approach to Talking about Inclusion in Mathematics Teacher Education
Chapter 16
Opening an Exercise: Prospective Mathematics Teachers Entering into Landscapes of Investigation
Chapter 17
The Impact of Income Tax on the Teaching Profession: A Debate Involving Social Justice
Chapter 18
Critical Mathematics Education in Action: To Be or Not to Be

Book Details

Landscapes of Investigation
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