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Mobile Media Learning

Innovation and Inspiration

by Christopher Holden, Seann Dikkers, John Martin, Breanne Litts

Mobile Media Learning

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Book Description

This book is an inspirational message about what is possible and practical in the name of learning through mobile media. We present stories from a diverse set of educators, a microcosm of the landscape of mobile media learning.

Each author has found a way to create something new and beautiful in their own world. And though their results are exceptional, their surroundings are not. Most are not experts in high-technology, nor highly equipped. They get as far as they do by using what is at hand, in part by making use of accessible, free and open source software.

To provide both a deeper look into how these projects operate and a practical resource for those who want to join in, this book addresses most of these tools individually as well. Our detailed, down-to-earth accounts will not only be legible to newcomers but refreshingly forthright to those anxious to better understand educational experiments connecting learning and mobile media. Considering this work across many disciplines, age groups, and theaters, we also find a way toward an elusive truth, what mobile media learning might mean as a whole: what educators are after, the challenges they face, how they manage, what they and learners are getting from it all, and most importantly, what comes next. Beyond informing, we hope to encourage and provoke readers into creative action. We want your stories in our next book.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND). You can download Mobile Media Learning ebook for free in PDF format (35.0 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
What: Innovation and Inspiration in Mobile Media Learning
Chapter 2
Why: Mobile Media Learning As Progressive Educational Technology
Chapter 3
When, Where, and How: Practical Considerations When Designing Your Own Mobile Media Learning
Chapter 4
Traveler: A Digital Journal for Enhancing Learning and Retention in Field Trips
Chapter 5
MIT App Inventor: Democratizing Personal Mobile Computing
Chapter 6
ARIS: Augmented Reality for Interactive Storytelling
Chapter 7
School Scene Investigators: A Collaborative AR Game for Middle School Science Inquiry
Chapter 8
Building a Student-Centered Classroom with AR
Chapter 9
Introducing an Neighborhood: Mobile as a Springboard for Exploration
Chapter 10
Experimenting with Locative Media Games and Storytelling in Fine Arts
Chapter 11
"To Have Fun and Display Our Awesomeness": Mobile Game Design and The Meaning of Life
Chapter 12
Project Exploration's Environmental Adventurers: Amplifying Urban Youth Agency, Identity and Capacity with Mobile Technology
Chapter 15
Civic Engagement and Geo-Locative Media: Youth Create a Game to Discuss Political Issues
Chapter 16
Technovation Challenge: Introducing Innovation and Mobile App Development to Girls Around the World
Chapter 17
Quest for the Cities of Gold
Chapter 18
ParkQuest: Mobile Media Learning as a Large Group Activity
Chapter 19
Lift Off: A DIY Addition to a Smithsonian Space
Chapter 20
Horror at the Ridges: Engagement with an AR Horror Story
Chapter 21
What Have We Seen, What is Missing, and What is Next for MML?

Book Details

Mobile Media Learning
Computer Science
ETC Press
ISBN13 Digital
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35.0 MB

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