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Reading the Juggler of Notre Dame

Medieval Miracles and Modern Remakings

by Jan M. Ziolkowski

Reading the Juggler of Notre Dame

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Book Description

In this two-part anthology, Jan M. Ziolkowski builds on themes uncovered in his earlier The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity. Here he focuses particularly on the performing arts. Part one contextualises Our Lady's Tumbler, a French poem of the late 1230s, by comparing it with episodes in the Bible and miracles in a wide variety of medieval European sources. It relates this material to analogues and folklore across the ages from, among others, Persian, Jewish and Hungarian cultures. Part two scrutinizes the reception and impact of the poem with reference to modern European and American literature, including works by the Nobel prize-winner Anatole France, professor-poet Katharine Lee Bates, philosopher-historian Henry Adams and poet W.H. Auden. This innovative collection of sources introduces readers to many previously untranslated texts, and invites them to explore the journey of Our Lady's Tumbler across both sides of the Atlantic. Reading the Juggler of Notre Dame: Medieval Miracles and Modern Remakings will benefit scholars and students alike. The short introductions and numerous annotations shed light on unusual beliefs and practices of the past, making the readings accessible to anyone with an interest in the arts and an openness to the Middle Ages.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND). You can download Reading the Juggler of Notre Dame ebook for free in PDF format (46.2 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Medieval Story
Chapter 2
The Bible and Apocrypha
Chapter 3
The Life of the Fathers
Chapter 4
The Pious Sweat of Monks
Chapter 5
The Jongleur and the Black Virgin of Rocamadour
Chapter 6
The Jongleurs and the Holy Candle of Arras
Chapter 7
The Fiddler and the Holy Face of Lucca
Chapter 8
The Fiddler and the Bearded Lady
Chapter 9
The Dancer Musa
Chapter 10
The Roman Report of "The Old Mime-Player"
Chapter 11
The Persian Tale of "The Old Harper"
Chapter 12
The Hasidic Tale of "The Little Whistle"
Chapter 13
The Western Reality of Religious Performers
Chapter 14
The Hungarian Tale of "The Fool"
Chapter 15
Henri Pourrat, "Péquelé"

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Reading the Juggler of Notre Dame
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46.2 MB

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