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Business Math

A Step-by-Step Handbook

by Jean-Paul Olivier, Red River College

Business Math

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Book Description

Business Mathematics was written to meet the needs of a twenty-first century student. It takes a systematic approach to helping students learn how to think and centers on a structured process termed the PUPP Model (Plan, Understand, Perform, and Present). This process is found throughout the text and in every guided example to help students develop a step-by-step problem-solving approach.

This textbook simplifies and integrates annuity types and variable calculations, utilizes relevant algebraic symbols, and is integrated with the Texas Instruments BAII+ calculator. It also contains structured exercises, annotated and detailed formulas, and relevant personal and professional applications in discussion, guided examples, case studies, and even homework questions.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download Business Math ebook for free in PDF format (18.2 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Succeeding In Business Mathematics
Chapter 2
Back To The Basics
Chapter 3
General Business Management Applications
Chapter 4
Human Resources and Economic Applications
Chapter 5
Marketing and Accounting Fundamentals
Chapter 6
Marketing Applications
Chapter 7
Accounting Applications
Chapter 8
Simple Interest: Working with Single Payments and Applications
Chapter 9
Compound Interest: Working with Single Payments
Chapter 10
Compound Interest: Applications Involving Single Payments
Chapter 11
Compound Interest: Annuities
Chapter 12
Compound Interest: Special Applications of Annuities
Chapter 13
Understanding Amortization and Its Applications
Chapter 14
Bonds and Sinking Funds
Chapter 15
Making Good Decisions

Book Details

Business Math
Business and Management
PDF Size
18.2 MB

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