.NET Microservices

Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications

by Cesar de la Torre, Bill Wagner, Mike Rousos

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Book Description

This guide is an introduction to developing microservices-based applications and managing them using containers. It discusses architectural design and implementation approaches using .NET Core and Docker containers. To make it easier to get started with containers and microservices, the guide focuses on a reference containerized and microservice-based application that you can explore.

This book provides foundational development and architectural guidance primarily at a development environment level with a focus on two main technologies: Docker and .NET Core. Our intention is that you read this guide when thinking about your application design without focusing on the infrastructure (cloud or on-premises) of your production environment. You will make decisions about your infrastructure later, when you create your production-ready applications. Therefore, this guide is intended to be infrastructure agnostic and more development-environment-centric.

This open book is licensed under a Microsoft Open License. You can download .NET Microservices ebook for free in PDF format (12.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to Containers and Docker
Chapter 2
Choosing Between .NET Core and .NET Framework for Docker Containers
Chapter 3
Architecting container and microservice-based applications
Chapter 4
Development process for Docker-based applications
Chapter 5
Designing and Developing Multi-Container and Microservice-Based .NET Applications
Chapter 6
Tackle Business Complexity in a Microservice with DDD and CQRS Patterns
Chapter 7
Implement resilient applications
Chapter 8
Make secure .NET Microservices and Web Applications

Book Details

Computer Science
Microsoft Press
PDF Size
12.8 MB
Microsoft Open

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