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Pay for Play

How the Music Industry Works, Where the Money Goes, and Why

by Larry Wayte

Pay for Play

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Book Description

Understanding the music industry as it exists today requires an understanding of how it developed over time. Today's music industry would most certainly not be the one anybody would design from scratch. It has many inefficiencies and quirks that reflect the economic pressures and musical concerns of bygone ages.

The history of music is closely linked to the history of copyright law. This book explores how the law shaped music and the music industry. From church and court patronage in pre-19th Century Europe, to the effects of social media on music, this book explores the abiding influence of the law on music.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download Pay for Play ebook for free in PDF format (6.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Part I
History and Structure of the Music Industry
Chapter 1
Church and Court Patronage
Chapter 2
Public Concerts and Celebrity
Chapter 3
Music Printing
Chapter 4
Tin Pan Alley and Music Publishing
Chapter 5
How Does the Publishing Industry Work?
Chapter 6
The First Format War: Cylinder vs. Disk
Chapter 7
Ralph Peer and Country Music
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
The Great Depression and the 1930s
Chapter 10
The Development of National Record Charts
Chapter 11
World War II and the ASCAP and Musicians Strikes
Chapter 12
Post-War Boom, Independent Labels, and Rock and Roll
Chapter 13
The Transformative 1960s
Chapter 14
The 1970s and Genre Stratification
Chapter 15
The 1980s and 90s: Consolidation and MTV Pop Superstars
Chapter 16
Napster, the iPod, and Streaming: The Record Industry in the New Millennium
Chapter 17
The Record Industry Today
Chapter 18
The Record Contract
Chapter 19
The Live Music Industry
Chapter 20
Music in Social Media
Chapter 21
Independent Music Production and Distribution
Chapter 22
Who Does What in the Record Industry?
Part II
Copyright and Music
Chapter 23
Copyright Theory and History
Chapter 24
Additional Music Copyright Terms and Concepts You Should Know
Chapter 25
The Music Royalty System Today
Chapter 26
Mechanical Rights
Chapter 27
Performance Rights
Chapter 28
Sound Recordings
Chapter 29
Synch Rights for Video and Music
Chapter 30
Dramatic Musical Works
Chapter 31
Copyright Criticism and Alternatives
Part III
Copyright Infringement of Musical Works
Chapter 32
How a Musical Work Copyright Infringement Case Works
Chapter 33
How much copying is too much?
Chapter 34
Fair Use
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Landmark Musical Work Copyright Infringement Cases
Part IV
Copyright Infringement of Sound Recordings
Chapter 37
Consumer Sound and Video Copying Devices - The Cassette and Home Video Recorder (Sony vs. Betamax)
Chapter 38
Contributory and Vicarious Liability for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Services: The Napster and Grokster cases
Chapter 39
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Chapter 40
Sampling and Sound Recording Copyrights

Book Details

Pay for Play
University of Oregon
PDF Size
6.9 MB

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