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The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

Your complete how-to guide to putting ML to work - plus code samples and notebooks

by Ricardo Portilla, Brenner Heintz, Denny Lee

The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

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Book Description

The world of machine learning is evolving so quickly that it's challenging to find real-life use cases that are relevant to your day-to-day work.

That's why we've created this comprehensive guide you can start using right away. Get everything you need - use cases, code samples and notebooks - so you can start putting the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to work today.

Plus, you'll get case studies from leading companies like Comcast, Regeneron and Nationwide.

Learn how to:
- Use dynamic time warping and MLflow to detect sales trends series;
- Perform multivariate time series forecasting with recurrent neural networks;
- Access new product capabilities with demos;
- Detect financial fraud at scale with decision trees and MLflow on Databricks.

This open book is licensed under a Open Publication License (OPL). You can download The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases ebook for free in PDF format (18.8 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Using Dynamic Time Warping and MLflow to Detect Sales Trends
Chapter 3
Understanding Dynamic Time Warping
Chapter 4
Using Dynamic Time Warping and MLflow to Detect Sales Trends
Chapter 5
Fine-Grain Time Series Forecasting at Scale With Prophet and Apache Spark
Chapter 6
Doing Multivariate Time Series Forecasting With Recurrent Neural Networks
Chapter 7
Detecting Financial Fraud at Scale With Decision Trees and MLflow on Databricks
Chapter 8
Automating Digital Pathology Image Analysis With Machine Learning on Databricks
Chapter 9
A Convolutional Neural Network Implementation for Car Classification
Chapter 10
Processing Geospatial Data at Scale With Databricks
Chapter 11
Customer Case Studies

Book Details

The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases
Computer Science
PDF Size
18.8 MB
Open Publication License

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