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Don't Panic: Mobile Developer's Guide to The Galaxy

A Community Publication about All Things Mobile

by Marco Tabor, Mladenka Vrdoljak

Don't Panic: Mobile Developer's Guide to The Galaxy

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Book Description

This project was initiated in 2009 with the aim to spread knowledge about mobile technologies and encourage people to enter our community or deepen their existing knowledge.

More than twenty writers from the mobile community share their know-how in dealing with topics such as accessibility in mobile apps, UX design, mobile analytics, prototyping, cross-platform development, native development, mobile web and app marketing.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Don't Panic: Mobile Developer's Guide to The Galaxy ebook for free in PDF format (2.5 MB).

Table of Contents

The Galaxy of Mobile: Past, Present and Future
From Idea to Prototype
Android Development
iOS Development
Cross-Platform Development
Mobile Web
Mobile Gaming
Security & Privacy
App Store Optimization (ASO)
User Acquisition and Retargeting
Mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM)
Mobile Analytics & User Feedback

Book Details

Don't Panic: Mobile Developer's Guide to The Galaxy
Computer Science
PDF Size
2.5 MB

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