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Welcome to the Beatles

by Andrew Pregnall, Jason Arquette, Allyson Manhart

Welcome to the Beatles

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Book Description

Organized, authored, and edited over the course of five months by a class of eighteen Virginia Tech undergraduate students, Welcome to the Beatles represents their collective contribution to the larger scholarship on the most important band in rock history. The chapters build upon the work of noted author and historian Mark Lewisohn and take into account many of the recurring issues in Beatles historiography. The student authors have the advantage of being generations apart from the Beatles and can reexamine the band without any first-hand experience with the Fab Four. The result is a book that raises significant issues about the whole of Beatles history.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND). You can download Welcome to the Beatles ebook for free in PDF format (7.5 MB).

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Beatles
"You Say You Want a Revolution": Analyzing the Political Aesthetics of the Beatles\xE2\x80\x99 Album Covers
The Beatles on the Big Screen: Help!
Television and the Beatles: The Early Shows
Race and Racism
The Rise of the Beatles and the Fall of Vee-Jay Records: The Politics of Racism in the 1960s Music Industry
The Beatles Nay-Sayers: Evangelical Backlash to the Beatles and the Counterculture
I'm Just Happy to Dance with You: How the Beatles Became Civil Rights Activists
The Beginning of the End: The Klan's America
Astrid Kirchherr: Forever with the Beatles
Revolution 9: Yoko Ono and Anti-Feminism
"Go Home Beatles! Have a Haircut!": Postwar Japan's Backlash against the Fab Four
"We Are Never Going Back": The Beatles in the Philippines
Music and Meditation: How the Beatles Brought Indian Culture to the West
When the Beatles Played Businessmen: The Story of Apple Records
"I'd Give You Everything I've Got for a Little Peace of Mind": The Beatles and Personal Security
Let It Stream: The Beatles and the Age of Music Streaming
The Beatles and the Government: A Relationship with the Aristocracy and the British Monarchy
The Show Must Go On: The Beatles' Lasting Influence on Shea Stadium
The Rooftop Concert: The Lasting Effects of the Concert on the Beatles' Legacy

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Welcome to the Beatles
Virginia Tech Publishing
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