HackSpace Magazine: Issue 47

October 2021

by HackSpace Team

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Book Description

If your 3D printer is looking a little dusty and unloved, now's the time to put it to work: we've 50 of the best 3D prints to improve your home, office, workshop and more. From functional to frivolous, we've got ideas for you. It's time to unleash the awesome power of your printer!

- Oskitone: where 3D printing meets analogue synth goodness;
- Pure Data: make music with this awesome graphical programming language;
- Surface mount soldering: solder the way the professionals do it;
- Cardboard tubes: do something useful with toilet roll tubes.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download HackSpace Magazine: Issue 47 ebook for free in PDF format (42.1 MB).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Top Projects
Section 2
Objet 3d'art
Section 3
Meet the Maker: Agnes Jones
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6
50 best 3D prints
Section 7
How I Made: Plant monitoring network
Section 8
Interview: Tommy Marshall
Section 9
Improviser's Toolbox: Cardboard tubes
Section 10
Games controllers
Section 11
SoM Pico
Section 12
Tutorial CNC
Section 13
Tutorial Pico keyboard
Section 14
Tutorial FreeCAD
Section 15
Tutorial Surface-mount soldering
Section 16
Tutorial Pure Data
Section 17
Best of Breed Keyboards
Section 18
Direct from Shenzhen
Section 19
Review Watchy

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Computer Science
Raspberry Pi Press
PDF Size
42.1 MB

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