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Mobile Research Methods

Opportunities and challenges of mobile research methodologies

by Daniele Toninelli, Robert Pinter, Pablo de Pedraza

Mobile Research Methods

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Book Description

Daily activity sees data constantly flowing through cameras, the internet, satellites, radio frequencies, sensors, private appliances, cars, smartphones, tablets and the like. Among all the tools currently used, mobile devices, especially mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, are the most widespread, with their use becoming prevalent in everyday life within both developed and developing countries. Shopping, reading newspapers, participating in forums, projecting and completing surveys, communicating with friends and making new ones, filing tax returns and getting involved in politics are all examples of how ingrained mobile technology is to modern lifestyle.

Mobile devices allow a wide range of heterogeneous activities and, as a result, have great potential in terms of the different types of data that can be collected. The use of mobile devices to collect, analyse and apply research data is explored here. This book focuses on the use of mobile devices in various research contexts, aiming to provide a detailed and updated knowledge on what is a comparatively new field of study. This is done considering different aspects: main methodological possibilities and issues; comparison and integration with more traditional survey modes or ways of participating in research; quality of collected data; use in commercial market research; representativeness of studies based only on the mobile-population; analysis of the current spread of mobile devices in several countries, and so on. Thus, the book provides interesting research findings from a wide range of countries and contexts.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Mobile Research Methods ebook for free in PDF format (13.6 MB).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Mobile Research Methods: Possibilities and Issues of a New Promising Way of Conducting Research
Chapter 2
The Utilization of Mobile Technology andApproaches in Commercial Market Research
Chapter 3
Using Mobile Phones for High-Frequency Data Collection
Chapter 4
An Overview of Mobile CATI Issues in Europe
Chapter 5
Comparison of Response Times between Desktop and Smartphone Users
Chapter 6
A Meta-Analysis of Breakoff Rates in Mobile Web Surveys
Chapter 7
Who Are the Internet Users, Mobile Internet Users, and Mobile-Mostly Internet Users?: Demographic Differences across Internet-Use Subgroups in the U.S.
Chapter 8
Who Has Access to Mobile Devices in an Online Opt-in Panel? An Analysis of Potential Respondents for Mobile Surveys
Chapter 9
Willingness of Online Access Panel Members to Participate in Smartphone Application-Based Research

Book Details

Mobile Research Methods
Ubiquity Press
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13.6 MB

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