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The Youth of Early Modern Women

by Elizabeth Cohen, Margaret Reeves

The Youth of Early Modern Women

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Book Description

Through fifteen essays that work from a rich array of primary sources, this collection makes the novel claim that early modern European women, like men, had a youth. European culture recognised that, between childhood and full adulthood, early modern women experienced distinctive physiological, social, and psychological transformations. Drawing on two mutually shaped layers of inquiry - cultural constructions of youth and lived experiences - these essays exploit a wide variety of sources, including literary and autobiographical works, conduct literature, judicial and asylum records, drawings, and material culture. The geographical and temporal ranges traverse England, Ireland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and Mexico from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. This volume brings fresh attention to representations of female youth, their own life writings, young women's training for adulthood, courtship, and the emergent sexual lives of young unmarried women.

This open book is licensed under a Open Publication License (OPL). You can download The Youth of Early Modern Women ebook for free in PDF format (2.9 MB).

Table of Contents

Part 1
Concepts and Representations
Chapter 1
'A Prospect of Flowers'
Chapter 2
A Roving Woman
Chapter 3
'She is but a girl'
Chapter 4
Flight and Confinement
Chapter 5
Harlots and Camp Followers
Part 2
Self-Representations: Life-Writing and Letters
Chapter 6
Three Sisters of Carmen
Chapter 7
Elite English Girlhood in Early Modern Ireland
Chapter 8
Young Women Negotiating Fashion in Early Modern Florence
Chapter 9
'Is it possible that my sister [...] has had a baby?'
Part 3
Training for Adulthood
Chapter 10
Malleable Youth
Chapter 11
The Material Culture of Female Youth in Bologna, 1550-1600
Chapter 12
Becoming a Woman in the Dutch Republic
Part 4
Courtship and Becoming Sexual
Chapter 13
Straying and Led Astray
Chapter 14
A Room of Their Own
Chapter 15
In Search of a'Remedy'

Book Details

The Youth of Early Modern Women
Amsterdam University Press
ISBN13 Digital
ISBN10 Digital
PDF Size
2.9 MB
Open Publication License

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