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Vote Buying in Indonesia

The Mechanics of Electoral Bribery

by Burhanuddin Muhtadi

Vote Buying in Indonesia

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Book Description

Muhtadi's analysis of vote-buying in post-democratization Indonesia is original, profound, subtle, nuanced, and convincing as well as beautifully organized and well written. Equally important, its imaginative policy prescriptions will be widely read and cited as a significant contribution to the literature of comparative electoral politics. —William Liddle, Ohio State University, USA
This book presents a pathbreaking analysis of vote-buying in Indonesia. Drawing on a stunning array of evidence, Muhtadi reveals the mechanics, patterns and effects of vote-buying with unprecedented clarity. [Title] is a must read for anyone interested in Indonesian politics or in the comparative politics of clientelism.—Edward Aspinall, Australian National University, Australia
This book contains a trove of interesting research questions, a novel theoretical contribution, impressive empirical work, and a deep and nuanced understanding of the Indonesian case.—Allen Hicken, University of Michigan, USA
This book investigates the impact of vote buying on the accountability of democratic institutions and policy representation in newly democratic countries, with a focus on Indonesia. In doing so, the book presents a wide-ranging study of the dynamics of vote buying in Indonesia's young democracy, exploring the nature, extent, determinants, targeting and effectiveness of this practice. It addresses these central issues in the context of comparative studies of vote buying, arguing that although party loyalists are disproportionately targeted in vote buying efforts, in total numbers—given the relatively small number of party loyalists in Indonesia—vote buying hits more uncommitted voters. It also demonstrates that the effectiveness of vote buying on vote choice is in the 10 percent range, which is sufficient for many candidates to secure a seat and thus explains why they still engage in vote buying despite high levels of leakage.
Burhanuddin Muhtadi is a lecturer at State Islamic University, Jakarta. He is also an executive director of Indonesian Political Indicator and Director of Public Affairs at Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI). He has published his articles in numerous scholarly journals.

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). You can download Vote Buying in Indonesia ebook for free in PDF format (3.9 MB).

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Vote Buying in Indonesia
Politics and Government
Palgrave Pivot
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